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We’re looking for an IT Support Manager to join our team. You’ll be helping everyone in dxw to be able to do their roles by providing support with technical kit and digital tools. You’ll manage our IT estate and work with our Commercial Group to coordinate on and offboarding of the team. You’ll also be key to ensuring our continued ISO27001 accreditation by testing, documenting, reviewing and communicating our policies and procedures.

We’re hiring a number of technology roles right now, so if this one isn’t a good fit for you, take a look at our careers page for our other openings.

About the role

This is a hands-on Technical Support role. You’ll provide internal technical support to dxw staff and contractors, you’ll work on internal policies and procedures that improve the way we manage our IT estates and ensure our continued ISO27001 accreditation. 

You will be responsible for the maintenance and support of the dxw office spaces and the team whether there or remote. You’ll help with the technical onboarding of new team members and support them when they have technical issues with their equipment. All our staff use MacOS running on Macs for their work. Where necessary you’ll make sure that office equipment such as printers, A/V equipment, displays and wifi routers are working smoothly so the team and our clients’ services are uninterrupted.

You will also be responsible for the user management and administration of our company wide tooling such as Google Workspaces, Miro and Slack.

You will identify themes in the problems people face and looking for long term fixes in processes or the tools themselves

We use Git (version control), Terraform (infrastructure as code), Chef (configuration management), and run Linux on our servers. While it won’t be a primary function of your job, you’ll interact with some of those at times during your work..

We work in an agile way (but we don’t follow agile methodologies too strictly) with a lot of collaboration and as a member of the technical operations team at dxw you’ll be involved in team and whole company away days, regular team forums and discussions, incident reviews, and other team activities.

We publish our progression framework and pay policy openly. Take a look if you’re interested in what the other technology roles at dxw look like. We’ll encourage and support your growth as much as you need, but we also won’t push you towards advancement you don’t want.

About you

You’ve worked in IT support before at any level and enjoy helping people and supporting them with the tools to do their work. 

You have a solid understanding of information security or are willing to learn. You understand and believe in the importance of secure coding practices. All staff receive security training when they join the team and you will be involved in delivering this.

As a normal part of your work you document and share the things you learn with others.

Our public sector work means that appointments will be made subject to a background check and you must be living in and eligible to work in the UK.

About us

dxw has been around since 2008, working with the public and third sectors to create services and products that improve lives – things like helping to track aid spending and looking at how to improve digital collaboration between local authorities.

As well as making life better for the people who use public services and the teams that run them, we care a lot about being a great place to work and grow. Last year we became employee-owned, which means that a trust owns 90% of our shares on behalf of all current and future dxw staff, and staff get to influence the direction of the company and share in its profits. We’ve incorporated our mission and values into the trust deeds too, so dxw must also be run in the interests of the people who use the services we build.

We work remotely with people based all around the UK. We keep in touch all the time for work and for social things, and some of us get together in person in our Leeds HQ and coworking spaces in London when we can.

If you care about making public services better then dxw is the place for you!


Join us!

We committed to making our teams as diverse as we can and to creating an environment where everyone feels included and can be themselves. We welcome non-traditional paths into the development profession and aim to hire the right person for the role, not the right combination of technical keywords. We especially encourage candidates historically excluded from technology to apply, including but not limited to people of colour, women and people whose gender doesn’t always align neatly with “man” or “woman”, parents and carers, people with visible and invisible disabilities and atypical neurotypes, and people who didn’t go to university.

For more information about dxw, visit our website or our Playbook where we document the ways we work, our values, and our commitments to sustainable pace and openness.

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