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We create public services that improve lives

About us

dxw works with the public and third sectors to create services and products that improve lives.

We’ve been around since 2008 and worked on lots of projects that have made a real difference – things like helping to track aid spending and looking at how to improve digital collaboration between local authorities.

dxw is employee-owned and staff have an important voice in the direction of the company. People are at the forefront of what we do — the people who work at dxw, our clients, and the people we create services for.

We work effectively, remotely, with people based all around the UK. We keep in touch all the time for work and for social things, and some of us get together in person in our Leeds HQ and coworking spaces in London when we can.

About the role

We’re looking for a Support Developer to join us part-time and help us support the software and services we build to achieve our mission. This is a new role for dxw — an application support and support desk management role for a developer with experience delivering software to real users.

Working pattern

It’s part-time, between 17.5 and 28 hours a week, with a large amount of flexibility in when those hours are worked. You could work short days for some or all of your days, for example.

We’re happy to discuss any working pattern as long as it supports you working some hours most weekdays between 10:00 – 18:00. This is so we can provide timely responses to our clients and meet our commitments to them.

This role is also well suited to working patterns that involve large periods of time off with some predictability — school holidays, for example — where we could schedule cover for you.

As this role is new for us, we’re looking to hire on a fixed-term basis so we can make sure it’s right for dxw. If it’s a success, we’d be interested in making it permanent.


As a Support Developer you’ll be the main person responsible for triaging and responding to support requests for the services we support in the Delivery business unit — currently 3 custom-built services. Up until now we have had a rotating 1st line support rota with all of our developers taking a turn, and you’ll be taking over this responsibility.

You’ll evaluate the impact, effort, and priority of requests and communicate that to our clients. You’ll diagnose and fix most issues that come up, asking for clarification from the reporter when needed and managing their expectations.

You’ll balance multiple projects’ needs while making sure we don’t exceed any of our agreed response times, and you’ll switch contexts between projects multiple times a day. Not everything that comes in as a ticket can be tackled as a support task or is covered by our support agreements.

You’ll identify these requests so the relevant Account Manager can discuss options with our clients. Alongside tackling tickets, you’ll carry out maintenance work for the projects we support. This includes:

  • maintaining dependencies
  • fixing vulnerabilities
  • looking for opportunities to improve our codebases and tackle technical debt

When we first take on support of a project, we’ll usually put the outgoing team on a 2nd line support rota for several months. They will be there for you to lean on when you need some help as you’re learning the system (and for them to learn from their decisions). Through that rota and general connections with the rest of the technology team, most of the time you’ll have access to the developers who built the service, but you’ll need to tackle most problems on your own once you understand the context. You’ll sometimes have an opportunity to spend some time with a delivery team at the end of them delivering a service we’ll support, but this won’t always be possible. Over time, you’ll get to know the services we support in depth and build relationships with our clients while having some variety in what you work on.

We also have an out of hours support rota, but your participation would be strictly optional with extra pay, as it is for the rest of the technology team.

You’ll work closely with the technical operations team to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. You’ll also work with our Account Managers and the Head of Development to make sure we’re doing the right work and identifying, communicating, and sensibly shaping future feature development with our clients. You’ll also share knowledge with and talk to your counterparts in the support team for GovPress, our managed WordPress solution, to help us deliver a great service for our clients across the board.

Our technology

We try to use the right technology for the problem at hand. Here are some of the things our delivery teams typically work with:

  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • Git and GitHub
  • AWS, Docker, and Terraform

Sometimes we need to work with technologies chosen by our clients. We’ve worked in teams using:

  • TypeScript and React
  • Python and Wagtail
  • Node.js and Express

Being part of dxw

As a member of the technology team at dxw, you’ll be involved in team and whole company away days, regular team forums and discussions, incident reviews, and other team activities.

You’ll also have opportunities to coach and mentor your less experienced colleagues if you want them. When you have downtime between support requests, you’ll work with others on the team to build and maintain our internal software and tools — the things that make our work better or more efficient across clients — and help identify opportunities to make things better.

About you

You’ve worked on at least one software project that has had contact with real users in the real world and had some part in responding to live service issues.

You have expertise in some of the technologies we use and are willing to learn the others. You write tests as a normal part of your work, document and share the things you learn with others, and are comfortable debugging live applications in time sensitive situations.

You enjoy variety in your work and like the idea of working on multiple projects at once. You understand the importance of secure coding practices. All technologists receive security training when they join the team.

If you care about making public services better and want a role with highly flexible working pattern options, then dxw is the right place for you!

Join us!

We committed to making our teams as diverse as possible and to creating an environment where everyone feels included and can be themselves. We welcome non-traditional paths into the development profession and aim to hire the right person for the role, not the right combination of technical keywords. We especially encourage candidates historically excluded from technology to apply, including but not limited to people of colour, women and people whose gender doesn’t always align neatly with “man” or “woman”, parents and carers, people with visible and invisible disabilities and atypical neurotypes, and people who didn’t go to university.

Our public sector work means that appointments will be made subject to a background check and you must be eligible to work in the UK. For more information about dxw, visit or our Playbook where we document the ways we work, our values, and our commitments to sustainable pace and openness.

To apply for this job please visit