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to proactively keep people in good health

🤔 About the Role:
Suvera is hiring an Engineering Director to lead our technology team and build world-class, seamless technology for our patients and care team.

This role will be compensated with a base salary between £100,000 – £130,0000 (not including equity package) to reflect your position on our leadership team.

Suvera’s Engineering Director will be in charge of the tech team at Suvera, which today includes our engineers and data analysts. You will be the lead technologist at the company and will be the final decision maker on anything related to our tech stack. In your first two months, you will take over technology leadership & people management from our current CTO, who wants to shift focus onto her lifelong passion for film, and will work with you to ensure a completely smooth transition.

This role is ideal for emerging tech leaders seeking more ownership over technology at a high growth, impactful startup. We are building technology for ultimate human good. You will be close to the technology, but primarily oversee, enable, and grow the tech team to be the best they can be. This is the priority, though you will occasionally get your hands dirty in the code base.

👋 About Suvera:
Suvera is a high-growth digital health start-up on a mission to keep people in good health. We are backed by Google for Startups and the preeminent, global healthcare and technology venture capital firm Morningside Ventures, led by Dr. Gerald Chan.

We partner with general practices in the UK to deliver a virtual-first clinic that proactively supports the management of patients with long-term conditions. Today, we manage over 4,000 patients and have a robust pipeline to more than 10x that in 2022. Our engagement metrics are promising, and the data we are collecting around high blood pressure management is novel. We have merely scratched the surface for what we can do for both clinical operations and chronic care pathways.

We are team of less than 20 with phenomenal advisors, including Professor Bryan Williams who is the chair of Medicine at UCL and the man behind high blood pressure guidelines for the UK. We are a cross-functional team of people from all backgrounds, including our own internal Care Team which employees both clinicians and care advisors.

We have honest ambitions to become the largest healthcare provider in the world.

About the technology team:
Our tech team aims to create seamless technology that centres the needs of our patients and clinical users. Our work brings life to lovable healthcare experiences that maintain people in good health. We use Git to collaborate on our repositories built in JavaScript (React & Node.js on Serverless architecture), deployed with the goal of being provider-agnostic and scalable across multiple conditions & regions in the long-term, globally. We are also sowing the seeds & laying the foundations for our research (AI & ML) data capabilities. Each of our engineers have a solid foundational understanding across the stack, and are keen to become future leaders / are leaders in their respective favoured sections (e.g. front-end web, mobile, backend, DevOps or data).  Our vision is to develop technology that enables humans to make radical progress in healthcare.

At the moment, the tech team is led by a womxn of colour, has people who identify as LGBTQ+, working parents, and is racially+ethnically diverse across three continents (Africa, Asia and Europe) & 5+ nationalities. As a company, Suvera is age-diverse, culturally, religiously, racially+ethnically, and politically diverse. With recent world events highlighting the global reality & impact of societal issues, mental wellness is also a high priority.

🌎 About our culture:
For Suvera, company culture is not an afterthought – it is a priority. Our diverse team helps us ensure we consider everyone’s experience of accessing healthcare when building our product.

The wellbeing of our staff is key, and our policies reflect it. We all have a minimum of 40 days annual leave, and encourage and enable flexibility and autonomy over your work. We are non-hierarchical in our ideas, processes and decision-making — if you have an idea, we want to hear it. Always.

The way we work is remote-first. In practice, this means our whole company is set up around not requiring a meeting to make decisions. We have an asynchronous approach to work which encourages documentation and async comms.

💻 What you’ll be doing:
Technology leadership

  • Establishing, iterating and setting the technical vision for our Virtual Clinic starting in the UK in collaboration with our Product and Medical directors
  • Ensuring the product is technically scalable, maintainable, reliable and clinically safe.
  • Defining and monitoring the metrics of quality, efficiency & excellence for the engineering team

Technology hiring, growth and development

  • Maintaining & optimising the engineering team for speed and efficiency
  • Creating space for, recruiting & nurturing engineers & technologists especially those that are underpresented
  • Establishing an inclusive and progressive culture for the engineering function at Suvera, as well as the wider company, together with the leadership team

Regulation and compliance

  • Part of the business is regulated and so you will be need to be able to willing to understand and learn those restrictions supported by the team, as part of building for heathcare
  • Leading on technology decisions to make sure we comply with regulations and are proactive for data protection and security. Training will be provided

👀 We’re looking for someone who:

  • Has the drive and passion to rally a team of technologists together from today to IPO
  • Is energised by the rollercoaster experience of working at a fast growing startup
  • Cares about engineering excellence, and continually strives to learn, grow and understand
  • Has a deep sense of compassion, for not only the members of the team, but also the clinicians and patients our service supports
  • Is committed to creating space for underestimated engineers, and is invested in the future of the people they manage
  • Is deeply invested in the future of the UK healthcare system
  • Bonus – has worked in healthcare or any other regulated industry
  • Bonus – has experience of scaling a technology team at a startup

🙌 Perks

  • A team that is diverse by default, prioritises wellness and inclusion, and is not afraid to tackle meaty challenges together
  • Be a part of the first 25 at Suvera—your equity will appreciate to drive wealth creation for you and your family
  • Proactively organised community-building events and meetups on and offline (including our monthly team dinners)


  • We cover all necessary working expenses, e.g. software or equipment
  • Company expense card for lunches/coffees and other work related expenses
  • We match your pension contributions
  • £1000 yearly budget for learning and wellbeing


  • Up to 40 days holiday a year
  • Work from wherever you like
  • No internal meetings before 10am (unless urgent)
  • No internal meetings on Friday (unless urgent)

✅ The hiring process
Stage 1 – Complete our question form – here:
Stage 2 – A technical problem solving / vision setting exercise with a couple of members from the engineering team or a close advisor. This excercise will centre on an important problem we are currently facing
Stage 3 – Final call with the co-founders and members of the leadership team
We hope to fill this role ASAP and will make a strong offer upon meeting the right person.

To apply for this job please visit