Principal Software Engineer

Website Zoopla

At Zoopla we want to help everyone make intelligent home buying decisions. We are building a team that will have the once in a career opportunity to re-imagine our industry.

  • You will be used to working across an organisation using your capability, charisma, and gravitas to build alignment around a single vision and forging multiple stakeholders and teams into a mutually supportive cohesive group.
  • You will have spent lots of quality time with your IDE of choice, deeply learning the powerful idioms and important idiosyncrasies of multiple programming languages and their ecosystems. We like to code mostly in React and React Native, Node.js and TypeScript, Golang, C# (.Net and .Net Core) and Python here, but we’re open to developers of all backgrounds
  • You will ideally know AWS as well as you know your best friend, although it’s great if you’re good friends with other cloud services, too.
  • You will have diligently practiced your engineering craft, mastering your skills in techniques such as test first thinking, refactoring, clean code and pair programming.
  • You will have implemented organisation-wide CI pipelines and automation, championed the quality and deployment benefits of both to others.
  • The product(s) you’ve built will have delighted users (perhaps millions of them!) while being stable, performant, observable and supportable. You know the product(s) delighted users because you instrumented, evaluated and iterated on them to be sure.
  • You will have played key roles in designing and implementing new architectures and technical strategies, while also looking after existing technology real estate.
  • Importantly, you will have achieved many of the things above while also teaching others, and maybe even sharing your journey and knowledge publicly.

Why Zoopla…

  • We’re serious about tech but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • We are spiritually agile, not religiously agile.
  • We strongly believe in the value of good design. We believe it is a primary differentiator in an increasingly crowded marketplace.
  • We believe in the value of data. We run a team that is data informed. We think being data-driven is soulless and dangerous. Clean, confident, clear data combined with the insights of the team is what drives our decisions.
  • We want to build small, collaborative, cross-functional teams that push each other to create elegant, simple solutions to difficult customer problems.
  • No matter what the role we want everyone to be obsessed with getting inside the minds of our customers.

How do you know we’re the best place for you?

  • You strive to set the standard and are always looking to raise the bar and want to be surrounded by others who do so as well
  • You enjoy knowing your customer
  • You want to build things together, collaboratively with your team
  • You want to own it; to have ownership and accountability for the outcomes of your effort
  • You value sharing and committing to discussions and debates with your teammates
  • And if you want to come help us re-imagine an industry

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