Software Engineer (Mobile / React Native)

Website Zoopla

At Zoopla we want to help everyone make intelligent home buying decisions. We are building a team that will have the once in a career opportunity to re-imagine an industry. As an engineer at Zoopla:

  • You will have experience as a React Native developer, and with understanding of the iOS and/or Android development and app store ecosystems. This should include experience with mobile app testing and CI/CD for mobile apps, as well as staying on top of changes for new versions of iOS and Android as they are released.
  • You regularly practice honing your engineering craft, expanding your skills in techniques such as TDD, refactoring, clean code and pair programming.
  • You appreciate the benefits of CI pipelines and automation for both quality and deployment.
  • You understand the importance of delighting users with your product while making sure it remains stable, performant, observable and supportable.
  • Comfortable with Agile development practices
  • You will ideally be familiar with AWS, although it’s useful if you have some knowledge of other cloud services, too.

A little about us:

  • We’re serious about tech but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • We are spiritually agile, not religiously agile.
  • We strongly believe in the value of good design. We believe it is a primary differentiator in an increasingly crowded marketplace.
  • We believe in the value of data. We run a team that is data-informed. We think being data-driven is soulless and dangerous. Clean, confident, clear data combined with the insights of the team is what drives our decisions.
  • We want to build small, collaborative, cross-functional teams that push each other to create elegant, simple solutions to difficult customer problems.
  • No matter what the role we want everyone to be obsessed with getting inside the minds of our customers.

You’re a fit for our team if…

  • You strive to set the standard and are always looking to raise the bar and want to be surrounded by others who do so as well
  • You’re obsessed with knowing your customer
  • You want to build things together, collaboratively with your team
  • You want to own it; To have ownership and accountability for the outcomes of your effort
  • You have strong, well-informed opinions but are open to being convinced otherwise through thoughtful discussion and debates with your teammates
  • You have a bias towards action
  • And if you want to come help us re-imagine an industry

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